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Cylinder FAQs

Propane (Painted red) freezes at -42 celsius and propane cylinders are primarily used for heating homes (central heating systems), cooking (including mobile catering) and some commercial applications like forklift trucks and pheasant rearing. Butane (Painted blue) freezes at 0 celsius and therefore cannot be used for outdoors in the winter months. Butane Cylinders are normally used for cabinet heaters, mobile homes and some BBQs. Appliances ā€“ some appliances run on Propane and some use Butane. Confusion can arise with products like BBQs where some manufacturers design them for Propane and others for Butane. ALWAYS check instruction booklets for the product and/or with the company that supplied the product.
Propane ā€“ 47kg, 19kg, 11kg and Butane ā€“ 13kg, 7kg
Simply call your local Countrywide outlet on 0800 1691735. They will bring you a full cylinder and take away the empty bottle for you. If you collect from one of our stockists or your local store, please take the empty bottle with you and they will give you a full cylinder in return.
To find your nearest Countrywide Store please use our Store Locator or call 0800 1691735
Simply call our Customer Service team on 0800 1691735. We can either arrange collection, or advise you of the nearest Countrywide outlet.
All cylinders vary, the empty weight is written on the shroud of each cylinder. This empty weight is sometimes referred to as the tare weight.
93.82 Litres.
Yes. In simple terms, 1 litre of propane is equivalent to 7.113 kWh, and 1 litre of butane is equivalent to 7.854 kWh.
All regulators are sold separately; if you wish to purchase a regulator with your cylinder, simply call our Customer Service team on 0800 1691735 or ask at point of purchase at one of our Countrywide Retailers. Your appliance instructions should state which type of regulator you need.
Yes you can. If you do not already have a suitable regulator you will need to purchase the correct regulator to suit you product, for this please refer to the User instructions that came with the product. Once the correct regulator is fitted you can then purchase the required cylinder.
Our outlets are mainly in the Midlands, South Wales and South West of England. Please call our Customer Service team on 0800 1691735 or check our Store Locator before you leave to find your nearest supplier.


Size Height Diameter
4.5kg 340mm 240mm
7kg 495mm 256mm
13kg 580mm 315mm


Size Height Diameter
3.9kg 340mm 240mm
11kg 580mm 315mm
12kg (FLT) 595mm 320mm
18kg (FLT) 800mm 315mm
19kg 800mm 315mm
47kg 1290mm 375mm
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