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Switch from Solid Fuels to LPG

Often solid fuels, such as coal and logs, are favoured by people living in rural areas and off the mains gas supply. You may not have considered that gas is still available to you off-grid in the form of LPG tanks or cylinders. Not only is LPG a great alternative to coal, logs or wood pellets but it also offers convenience, reliability and environmental benefits

Cost effective

Cost effective

LPG boilers are highly efficient, so switching fuels will help to reduce your energy costs. Switching is simple and straightforward, with no upfront costs for a Countrywide tank and free installation*.

A Greener Fuel

A greener fuel

LPG is the cleanest burning fossil fuel, and emits around 35% less CO2 than coal.



LPG gives off very little odour.



LPG gives fast hot water and central heating plus an instant and controllable flame for cooking.

Get expert recommendations for your home

Get expert advice specific to your home

Book a no-obligation appointment with your local Countrywide Energy Specialist and get expert advice on whether LPG is suitable for your home. They’ll also be able to answer any questions you have about making the switch to LPG. Call us on 0800 169 1735 to make your appointment.

Why choose Countrywide?

Flexible storage

Countrywide LPG offers tailored storage options for all homes.

Easy to switch

Switching to LPG is simple and straightforward.

Reliable deliveries

Get dependable deliveries through our extensive network of depots and tankers.

First class customer service

Customer service is our top priority from taking your initial call to delivering your gas.

Expert support

Never worry about your LPG supply; our team of experts will take care of everything.

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