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Currently using oil, electricity or solid fuels to heat your home? As the closest alternative to mains gas, switch to LPG and enjoy a more versatile, clean and cost-effective fuel.

Benefits of Countrywide LPG

A greener fuel

As the cleanest burning fossil fuel switching to LPG could help reduce your carbon emissions

Cost effective

With Countrywide LPG there is no tank purchase costs to worry about


LPG gives fast hot water and central heating plus an instant and contollable flame for cooking on

Easy to switch

Our team of experts make switching fuels simple and straight forward


Dependable deliveries and quick ordering makes Countrywide LPG a trustworthy energy source

Flexible ordering

Order when and where suits you; either online or by phone
Get expert recommendations for your home

Get expert advice specific to your home

No matter what fuel you currently use, our LPG Specialists are here to advise you on whether LPG is suitable for your home and how to make the switch. Book a free no obligation appointment today. Call us on 0800 169 1735.

Switch from Oil to LPG

Switch to a cleaner, more versatile and cost effective fuel for your off-grid home.

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Switch from solid fuels to lpg

Switch to the cleanest fossil fuel to heat your home.

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Switch from electricity to lpg

An alternative to electricity for your off-grid home.

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Flexible LPG Storage Options

Countrywide LPG offers a variety of flexible storage options for your home.

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LPG For New Build Homes

Countrywide LPG offers a reliable, cost effective and versatile rural fuel. Whatsmore, installing LPG for your new off-grid home is easy and straightforward.

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Why should you choose LPG?

Most homes and business in the UK take it for granted that they can rely on gas to heat and power their premises, but if you live or work off the gas grid, then liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the perfect substitute for mains gas.

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