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Bulk FAQs

Yes. In simple terms, 1 litre of propane is equivalent to 7.113 kWh, and 1 litre of butane is equivalent to 7.854 kWh.
Our ‘Tankwise’ system offers you the best solution for ensuring you have enough gas. A sensor will be fitted to your tank that then sends us a reading every 24 hours of the level in your gas tank. You never have to worry about placing another order again.
If you prefer to manage your own ordering your easiest way of doing so is ordering online using our simple form, call 0800 169 1375 or email
Please be aware, when ordering yourself you must order no lower than 40% to allow time for the order to process through our system and get to you in time. Ordering lower than this can cause issues, especially in high demand times of the year where delivery times can be extended and usage increased.
If you are a manual order customer then you’re responsible for checking your tank’s level regularly to ensure you never go below 40% before placing an order. 1. Locate the cover on top of the tank, or the tank lid. 2. Open the cover/lid and locate the gauge – which may be protected with a cap. 3. The gauge shows a dial from 0% – 100% fill. 4. Please note you MUST place an order no lower than 40% to allow time for your order to arrive, but as long as an order is placed it is fine that your tank has lower. To allow for expansion in the enclosed gas we will never fill above 85%.
If you manually place your orders we advise that you order at 40% – any lower can risk you running low before your order has had time to be processed and delivered.
If you have one of our Tankwise sensors you don’t need to place your order.
Our Tankwise sensors automatically read what is in your tank and, based on your usage, we analyse our optimum date for your delivery.
If your sensor stops reading your fill level for any reason we will try to get in touch with you to manually monitor your gauge until the issue has been resolved.
If you notice your tank is low you can call us on 0800 169 1735 or email to check an order has been raised.
There are occasions that deliveries are delayed by reasons outside of our control, or due to unforeseeable circumstances – such as weather conditions, road closures or vehicle breakdowns. When this is the case we use all of the information available to us to re-route your delivery as efficiently as possible. If you have any access problems – such as coded gates, or locked entrances please make us aware of this. In extreme circumstances there may be Health and Safety reasons for a driver being unable to make a delivery – in these cases an ‘Unsafe Delivery’ form would be completed and we will discuss this with you.
When making deliveries all of our drivers are trained to visually inspect the tank and will report anything to head office that may require attention. Our engineering team will pick up any maintenance issues that need to be addressed. We will get in touch with you about any issues that we need to make you aware of that need your attention – such as access problems or hedges or fences that are too near to the tank. Additionally all tanks are tested periodically. At 10 years they have an interim inspection and test and at 20 years a thorough examination, this normally requires the tank to be exchanged to avoid any disruption to your supply. Every tank has a data plate located on it, this shows when the tank was manufactured and the dates it was tested
Simply fill out the form online to let us know when you will be leaving the property and (if you know it) the contact details for the new owner. We will get in touch to confirm if there is any balance on the account and what you need to do next.
Just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch. 
If you’re not sure who the supplier is please make a note of the serial number from the silver plate on the tank on the above form and we will confirm for you.
If you are the owner of the tank you will be in possession of Certificates of Ownership from the manufacturer. You may have moved into a property with a tank, or may have forgotten so if you’re in any doubt contact us on 0800 169 1375 or and we will help confirm the ownership.
You must isolate the supply immediately and call our Emergency Number on 01386 750 330 – available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
If you have a bulk account and need to change the name or contact details on your account please fill out the form online and we will be in touch. Please note that for any change to the name on the account – whether adding or removing a name, or changing your name – we will send a Change of Ownership form to ensure all details are accurate.