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LPG Tank Product Information

Aboveground Tanks

Aboveground tanks need to be certain distances from your property in accordance with the UKLPG codes of practice, our technical staff will be happy to advise of siting procedures and tank size required.

Customers are required in most circumstances to undertake all civil work required for the installation, Countrywide will place the tank on the base and install pipe work required from the tank to the outside of the property.

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Underground Gas Tanks

The LPG Tank can sit in a pit underground, a trench for the Gas pipe from the tank to the point of entry to the property will need to be excavated by the customer. Countrywide will install the LPG tank and Gas pipe and then the customer will be responsible to backfill the tank with sharp sand and make good the trench afterwards.

When planning to site an underground LPG tank the following considerations should be made:

  • Consideration for accessibility of machinery, required to carry out the excavation work and access for the crane vehicle to deliver the tank.
  • Tanks should not be sited in areas prone to flooding or with very high water tables.
  • Tanks have to be sited in accordance to the UKLPG codes of practice

Our technical staff will be happy to discuss your requirements, we recommend that you discuss with our technical staff before undertaking any site work prior to installation.

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