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Countrywide LPG for farming


Reliability is an absolute essential in the poultry rearing world and LPG from Countrywide delivers just that. Its cleaning burning properties ensures that consistent and controllable heat is delivered to the birds.

There is no contamination with LPG so the crop of birds is protected and, unlike oil, LPG delivers moisture at the right levels to support weight gain.


To create a stress free environment for birds it is vital that brooder houses are maintained at the right temperature and LPG delivers just that.

LPG is a clean and efficient fuel that produces no waste so has become the prime choice for Game rearers in the UK. There is minimal contamination risk and the gas/air moisture supports bird growth and development. Systems are low maintenance and there are no power shortage issues to contend with.

Grain drying

Cheaper than both gas oil and electricity and certainly cleaner than oil, LPG is becoming the first choice for arable farmers in the UK.

It provides the lowest cost option between oil and electricity and there is no potential to damage or taint a crop when drying.

Fuel storage is spill free and virtually safe from theft. Installation is free of charge when choosing Countrywide with tank and systems designed for each customer’s needs.

LPG is ideal for cereals, peas, beans, rapeseed, maize, potatoes and onions and systems can run through flat, bin or portable dryers.


LPG can power direct, indirect or radiant heaters depending on crop needs and system set up. In all cases LPG out performs oil in every way:

  • Lower costs
  • Lower emissions
  • Free tank installation
  • Theft free storage
  • Taint free
  • Improves crop growth

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