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Hospitality – Pub, Hotel or Catering

Countrywide LPG provides the ideal energy choice for pubs, hotels or caters because it is so flexible:

  • Central heating
  • Cooking
  • Hot water
  • Swimming pools

All from one fuel.

Central heating

Modern LPG powered central heating systems provide instant low costs and low emission heat to your hotel ensuring that guests are never left feeling a chill.

Hot water

Providing instant hot water to guests is a key requisite of any hotel or pub and LPG provides the perfect solution. Whether delivered from a central boiler system or LPG powered water heaters, propane ensures that piping hot water is available day and night.


The Chefs first choice is to cook on gas and LPG delivers that instant controllable heat that they demand.

Swimming pools

LPG is ideal for heating water for swimming pools and spas. Whether the pool is indoors or out, LPG keeps the pool water at the ideal temperature, even in the cold winter months.

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