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Heating and manufacturing for business

LPG is an extremely flexible fuel that works on a variety of heating systems.

Radiant heaters are an ideal solution to provide instant heat to a specific area, particularly useful where there are large areas of open space that do not need heat. As well as providing clean burning direct heat, the areas heated by radiant systems retain some of that heat which results in less energy waste when large doors are opened.

Warm air heaters

Today’s modern blown air systems offer very efficient heating solutions – often above 90% efficiency – when running on LPG. They are very controllable and deliver heat effectively to any space.

These systems are ideal for enclosed buildings such as offices, warehousing and factories.


The traditional hot water boiler heating radiators from a condensing boiler remains a very efficient means of delivering heat. By recapturing the heat that is lost through the flu running costs can be markedly lower, particularly when replacing an older oil system with LPG, where savings of 30% are often experienced.

Ideal for offices, schools, restaurants, hotels and public buildings.


Where heat for processing is required LPG delivers instant energy be it as a direct heat or for steam. Today’s modern burners provided a highly efficient choice when using LPG and savings of 25% and more can be achieved if switching from oil.

In many cases there is no need to upgrade the boiler for steam production, or indeed other processes, as it is often possible to exchange just the burner, keeping investment to a minimum.

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