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switch your business to countrywide lpg

LPG can cut energy costs by 25% and more.

Switch from oil to Countrywide LPG

See your business benefit in more ways than one.

  • LPG can cut energy costs by 25% and more
  • LPG delivers 20% reduction in CO2 emissions, compared to oil
  • LPG offers zero tank management – we do it all for you
  • LPG can offer unbeatable efficiency ratings
  • LPG offers a secure fuel option. LPG theft is very rare
  • Automated deliveries available
  • Flexible and bespoke pricing to help you manage and budget business costs
  • 24 hour operational back up service

Why should you choose LPG?

Most homes and business in the UK take it for granted that they can rely on gas to heat and power their premises, but if you live or work off the gas grid, then liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is the perfect substitute for mains gas.

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This table shows the average cost per KWh of LPG and oil based on a 12 month period. LPG really does provide the lowest cost solution for businesses looking to switch fuels.

Cost per Kwh LPG v Oil

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