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What is Autogas?

Autogas – the clean solution

Autogas is becoming the favoured alternative fuel as it is very clean with fewer harmful emissions.  Up to 24,000 early deaths per year can be attributable to poor air quality in Britain’s cities and the UK Government is committed to reducing this pollution.  Transport is responsible for about 25% of the UK’s output of CO2 which is implicated in global warming.

In addition, because LPG has better anti-knock properties than petrol, engines are unlikely to ‘pink’ even under heavy load, and may give noticeable reduction in vibration at all engine speeds. When running on LPG, the petrol injectors are disabled, which also gives a significant reduction in noise pollution.

Autogas emissions

Compared to petrol:

  • 75% less Carbon Monoxide
  • 85% less Hydrocarbons
  • 40% less Nitrous Oxides
  • 87% less Ozone

Compared to diesel:

  • 90% less Particulates
  • 90% less Hydrocarbons
  • 90% less Carbon Monoxide
  • 50% less Nitrous Oxides
  • Please note that these figures are based on tests performed at Millbrook and may vary from vehicle to vehicle and is a guide only.

Engine Wear & Performance

The use of propane in vehicles is also considered to reduce engine wear in engines and therefore maintenance. The benefits include:

  • Extended oil change intervals (typically 20,000 miles).
  • Increased spark plug life (typically 75,000 miles).
  • Extended engine life (200,000 miles).
  • Reduced soot formation, with associated decreases in abrasiveness and chemical degradation of lubricating oil.
  • Reduced wear during cold starting. Petrol engines need fuel enrichment for cold-starting. The excess fuel accumulates on the cylinder walls, ‘washing’ away oil and accelerating wear.

LPG powered engines are considered easier to start, especially in cold weather and unlike petrol-fuelled vehicles there is no sluggishness or reduction in power when cold.

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