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Countrywide’s Autogas Key System

What is the key system?

Countrywide’s key system is a state of the art fuel management system allowing you to access Autogas from a local network of dispensing pumps. Many sites are now in operation around the Midlands, Wales and the South West and many others are being planned, providing a comprehensive filling network, ideal for both business and private motorists.

The system is based upon an electronic key that has a programmable chip inside. The chip is then programmed uniquely to the vehicle and allows access to any of the Countrywide Autogas key outlets. There is no cash to pay or queuing in the store to pay for your fuel, as the system automatically bills the user’s account providing, in most cases, 24-hour access for refuelling.

How does it work?

Operation is simplicity itself. The key is inserted into the dispenser, which will then ask for the PIN number, once this has been entered it will then ask for mileage information (if this facility has been requested by the user). Next, it will ask for the key to be removed and fuelling is allowed by pressing the button (dead man’s handle) that is on the side of the machine, or in the nozzle storage cabinet. The machine will then dispense the required amount of Autogas to the vehicle or up to a maximum of 85% capacity of the tank (that is the maximum the tank can be filled to).

The dispenser then records the information and stores it in the console until it is uploaded to the main computer at our Defford site. Once the main computer receives the information it is then collated to the individual’s account.

What do the error messages on the pump mean?

When using the key system error messages may be displayed on the screen, these are usually the following:

Key Locked Out

There is an issue with your account

Pump Locked Out

There is an issue with dispensing the gas, it may have been locked by the previous person

Invalid Key

The chip inside the key may be corrupt, you may need a new key

Bad Security

Requires an Engineer visit to reset the system

Invalid Pin

Entering the incorrect pin, please try again

PC Link Active

Site communication with the site, will clear after about 5 minutes

If any of the above error messages or any other messages appear on the screen please contact us on 0800 243 889 and we will be happy to help.

How do I pay?

The invoicing period for fuelling transactions runs from the 1st to the end of the calendar month. On the first working day of the next month, an itemised invoice is produced, detailing the transactions for that period. Any amounts owing will be collected by direct direct debit on the 15th of the month.

The accounting system is free of charge so there are no set-up fees or account charges and you do not need to purchase the keys.

There is a deposit of £5.00 + VAT per key. When we are notified of the closure of the account and the key is received back the refund will be issued. Please read our Terms and Conditions for full details.

How do I apply?

All that is required is an application form to be filled out and returned to the Evesham Office. A key will then be programmed to the vehicle and sent out as soon as possible. As soon as the vehicle key is received it may be used immediately. Detailed filling instructions and a Countrywide key site guide will be included with your key.

Once your account has been set up, you can request additional vehicles or change vehicle registration numbers on your account over the telephone.

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